Wednesday, April 2, 2008

AI-Top 9 Elimination

Of course, they chose 9 to 5 as the group sing, though I came into it a bit late- either our clocks are wrong, or they started the show a tad early (given that it runs overtime nearly every episode, an early start isn't totally out of the question).

Carly might have genuinely worried about Ryan's mind games, but it was pretty obvious to me that she was safe. And there was even less chance that either David Archuletta or Michael Johns was in danger.

We muted the band winners- if that performance is indicative of their album, those boys are in real trouble.

We didn't mute the Ford commercial, but I tuned out anyway. I find basketball, in any incarnation, boring.

Not to be an armchair physician or anything, but I wonder if David Cook suffers from panic attacks- his symptoms (palpitations, elevated blood pressure) sound like it to me.

Ramielle is the first one sent to the Martini Stools of Shame. My Geezerhood is firmly cemented in place because all I want to do is get her bangs out of her eyes. I think Kristy Lee totally threw Ryan for a loop with her grandstanding snit.

Hey Bucky! Hey Phil and Phil's adorable kids! Hey Bo and Bo's health problems, and Bo's even more adorable son!

Brooke knew what it meant when an extremely lucky Syesha was called out on stage. Jason may have known what it meant too, but he was probably too busy thinking about munchies to care.

Call me cynical, but that Idol Gives Back sisters reunion felt staged, which is too bad. The situations they're trying to address are worthy, and dramatic, enough without embroidery.

Dolly, what in the world are you wearing? Wedding leggings?

And poor, little weepy Ramielle is going home. I'm glad she pulled herself together for a good sing-out. She has a big voice, and with a little more training, she might be able to use it to her advantage. But I'm not sorry to see her go. Next week Kristy can join her.


LizzieHelen said...

Yes, the show started early at 7:58 (according to my TV guide). I still missed the very beginning on my tape. I work most Wednesday nights, so I have to tape the results show. The advantage is I get to Fast Forward through those awful questions--blecchh.

Re the Clark Brothers: I did watch the NGAB program and I did like them. The audience for Idol was not really their type of audience. Ashley is not the best vocalist, but he is totally committed and passionate when he sings. As a "band", Sixwire was better, but the voters chose the Clark Brothers. It's hard to judge an act on one performance; they had to be seen for the whole show cycle.

Kathleen Taylor said...

Thanks, lizziehelen. I'll try to remember that the Wednesday show can start early from now on.

Somehow, I missed the Band competition show altogether, so this was my first exposure to The Clark Brothers. I have a feeling that I would have rolled my eyes at their song choice and muted even if I'd been more familiar with them. But I know what you mean about judging them on one performance- I did like their blue-grassy sound. And maybe on another song, I'd appreciate them more.