Tuesday, April 1, 2008

AI- Top 9 Performance

Ryan attempts possibly the lamest April Fool's Joke in the history of TV. Or April Fool's Day. But we know better. It would take a disaster of major proportions to pre-empt the AI juggernaut.

Tonight is Dolly Parton night, and I am very interested to see how the kids will do with Dolly's music. Her catalog is extensive but her considerable songwriting ability has always been overshadowed by boobage. Countless singers have covered Dolly's music, but it may prove beyond this bunch. We'll see if it turns out to be First Beatles Week, or Second Beatles Week.

Frist up is Brooke, singing Jolene. I've never liked this song, but I like Brooke's take on it, and I think, Simon to the contrary, that she connected with the message pretty well. Much better than last week's chirpy Every Breath You Take.

David Cook's new haircut is a vast improvement- he looks much less like Mr. Combover now. I'm not familiar with Little Sparrow, but I think David sang a little high for his range. It wasn't awful, but it wasn't a Top Performance either. On the plus side, we now know that Simon is incapable of understanding Avian Allusions.

We could tell that Dolly didn't love Ramielle. And we could tell why- that song was a hot mess.

I worried for Jason, but he did well by Travelin' Through. He's not going to win, and in fact, he may go home fairly soon, but he does make me smile.

Carly finally found the right hairstyle and makeup- she looked fantastic (though I agree with Simon about her clothes). Her Here You Come Again was flat-out gorgeous (though very much like Clay Aiken's version on his latest album- my favorite song on the CD). This might be the first Season 7 performance that I download.

Wahoo for David Archuleta- he needed a comeback from the last couple of awful weeks, and he got it. I had nearly forgotten how beautiful his voice is.

Coat of Many Colors is right in Kristy Lee Cook's wheelhouse, and I don't expect her to go home this week either. Was she actually wearing a turquoise-encrusted, empire waisted, leather belt?

Syesha, Syesha, Syesha, we've talked before about going to The Whitney Place and you refuse to listen. We haven't talked about being consistently Behind the Music, or Gratuitous Glory Noting, but I can see that we need to adress those topics as well.

I don't know why Michael Johns leaves me cold- his voice is fine, his performance was fine, his song choice suited him, and Dolly obviously likes him. But he does absolutely nothing for me.

Best of the night? Carly and David A, with Brooke a little distance behind.

Worst? Ramielle and Syesha.

Going home? Ramielle

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